About us

Human effectiveness technologies in business

We delve into people’s potential and create technologies for work effectiveness.

Headvice is the first company, that fulfills business training in the following fields: Neuromarketing, Lean six sigma management, Flow leadership. Also introduced HR gamification and profiling in leading companies.

Our team together with American partners (Rowan University, Sterling Business School, Aleas California) creates essential tools and innovative programs for human capital to help local and international brands to increase job effectiveness.

In order to evaluate work efficiency, we ask three questions:

  1. How does a person affect themselves – how quickly can they form new skills, adapt to the environment and develop?

  2. How does a person influence other people – how much can the content or communication strategy they create, affect a person’s decision-making system?

  3. How can a person influence the processes – how do they organize the execution of the case; can they create the simplest and most effective mechanism for solving problems?

What we believe in

We think that business is one of the most exciting forms of art. We believe that by working on their own resources and potential, one can develop as a modern, highly effective person in business.

Our main values are: Development, Creativity, Transformation, Positive Influence, Perseverance and Friendship.

Our working pattern

Identifying the needs

Modeling problem-solving ways

Delivery of results