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February 1



Why do smart people fail? Why might such people have team management and relationship problems? This is not because they have less intelligence, or less technical skills. In fact, they do not have a high enough level of emotional intelligence, which means that they face problems in managing their own and others’ emotions.

Research shows that when two leaders possess the same intellectual abilities, a leader with higher emotional intelligence is more likely to succeed.

In fact, recent research has shown that 25% of leaders’ success stems from their intellectual abilities, while 75% of their success depends on their emotional intelligence, which means that they accurately understand the desires, needs and emotions of employees.

This course connects emotional intelligence with practical leadership behavior. Training participants will explore their own leadership emotional competence and identify ways in which they can increase their emotional intelligence while managing people.

For whom this course is:

The course is aimed at managers, team leaders and other team members who want to become an effective leader through the development of emotional intelligence.

  • We have a unique style of working with groups, which creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for learning.
  • Interactive, dynamic and experimental teaching methods
  • The program is built on the latest academic findings and research in the areas of leadership, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.
  • The course is built on the principles of adult education (andragogy). Various methodologies will be used in the learning process, where presentations, discussions, debates, teamwork, questionnaires and demonstration exercises will be integrated.

During the course we will:

  • Explain the importance and value of emotional intelligence to modern leaders
  • Learn how neuro-leadership helps develop leaders
  • Develop a simple scheme to develop emotional intelligence skills
  • Develop the ability to analyze non-verbal and verbal behavior using simulation exercises
  • Learn how to fix micro-expressions using Paul Eckmann techniques
  • Practice responding competently to an emotionally charged situation

Rock Tyson

US Army, Special Forces – the “Green Berets” – Leader of the United States Peacekeeping Forces – Trainer, Consultant. For 8 years he successfully trained more than 25 battalions and was declared as one of the best senior trainers. Has 25 years of teaching experience as a practicing leader as well as leadership in combination with emotional intelligence.

Ketevan Zhvania-Tyson

Has been working for over 20 years on personal development, leadership, emotional intelligence, team building and effective communication.

  • Training start day: February 1
  • Training completion date: February 15
  • Training days: Monday / Friday
  • Total hours: 15 hours
  • Start time: 19:00
  • Completion time: 22:00
  • Training fee: 450 GEL (instead of 650 GEL)

The training will be conducted online using “Zoom” application.

Bank of Georgia “Solo” customers will take advantage of additional 20% discount.

You can redistribute money for training before the end of the training.

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