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April 21



In the everchanging and rapid growing field of Marketing, getting to know the trends and updating tools has become the vital part of efficiency.

We researched the needs of marketers and business owners, and came up with a set of four necessary tools..

🗣 Marketing Analytics
☑What importance do analytical tools have in marketing and how can data analysis become the biggest marketing tool?
👉 Trainer: Keti Meparishvili
🗣 Working on ideas.
☑ How to prepare our minds for new and out of the box ideas?
☑ Find out more about the tool for generating ideas.
👉 Trainer: Eka Kipiani
🗣 The need for Rebranding
☑ Defining the importance for rebranding as the main tool for brand survival and development.
👉 Trainer: Alex Chikovani
🗣 Marketing Strategy
☑ What should marketers keep in mind while working on a strategy?
☑ What is the main tool for coming up with a successful strategy?
👉 Trainer: Tornike Guruli

Keti Meparishvili 

PhD. Associate Professor and a Regional Manager in Asia  for an international Fintech company “TWINO”. 15 years of working experience in Marketing and Business development, including the companies of Fortune 500. Ketevan has many years of experience in creating and conducting trainings, in practical, scientific and consulting fields.

Eka Kipiani

Creative Director in an Advertising Agency “JWT Metro” and has worked on more than 300 advertising projects. She has 12 years of experience in this field.

Alex Chikovani 

Founder of Strategic Branding Company “LIVE.” In it’s 10 years of existing, the company has created many interesting and famous brands and introduced them to the market. Alex has more than 15 years of experience in branding, marketing and sales. More than 10 years of experience in conducting branding lectures, trainings and masterclasses. He holds the master’s degree in Corporate Strategy and Branding from the Lancaster University Business School. (Lancaster University Business School, MBA, specialization in corporate strategy, brand building and management).

Tornike Guruli

Public Relations Specialist. Graduated from Chemnitz University Of Technology (German) and has studied in Georgian Technical University, Ilia State University and Goethe University Frankfurt. He undertook the three-year special education program for international trainers at Theodor Hoys College (Germany) and gained the status of International College Trainer. He as tought at Tbilisi State University, Caucasus University, Free University and Georgian Institute of Public Affairs.
At various times he has held leading positions in the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, “Sarke Group”, “Wissol Group”, “Bank of Georgia”, “PSP Group”. Visited the University of South Carolina (Columbia, USA) on a professorship exchange program. As an international trainer, he has conducted about 400 trainings in Georgia and ten countries around the world.

Fields of scientific interest / research interests

Public Relations (PR); Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC); Crisis communication; Communication with customers.

☑Dates: 21, 22, 23, 24 April

☑Number of hours: 8 hours

☑Start Time: 19:00

☑End Time: 21:00

☑Price: 150 GEL

Webinars will be conducted online using Zoom.

For payment you can use the Bank of Georgia 0% installment or redistribute the amount before the end of the training.

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