In order for businesses to operate successfully and efficiently, the knowledge of customer behavior is essential. We help companies gain this knowledge with state-of-the-art neuromarketing equipment (combined biometric analysis) which, unlike traditional marketing research, relies on objective material and measures brain activity to various stimuli.

Stimuli can be advertising banners, videos, food scent or taste, and more. This type of knowledge helps the company to plan marketing campaigns properly. Our neuromarketing laboratory owns the international license and equipment of the world’s leading technology company “Toby Pro”.

With our research you can determine:

  • What catches your customer’s attention?
  • What causes their strong emotional involvement?
  • What mood does your product evoke in them?
  • What are the shortcomings of advertising content?
  • “Waste of money” – the amplitude of the user’s attention and reaction while watching the ad.