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Marketer’s instruments

In the everchanging and rapid growing field of Marketing, getting to know the trends and updating tools has become the vital part of efficiency.

We researched the needs of marketers and business owners, and came up with a set of four necessary tools.                                               


Team Management

Team management can be inspiring, exciting, and stressful at the same time. The modern lifestyle rhythm leaves leaders very little time to check how team members feel whether they have a proper environment to work productively and examine co-workers’ language.                                                               

EQ and Leadership

Why do smart people fail? Why might such people have team management and relationship problems? This is not because they have less intelligence, or less technical skills. In fact, they do not have a high enough level of emotional intelligence, which means that they face problems in managing their own and others’ emotions.                                 

Staff Selection with Profiling

How much will your efficiency increase if you know you have a tool that will save you time and increase your ability to evaluate people correctly? This tool is called profiling and with the help of it you can determine the potential of people, their thinking system, personality type, work behavior and other important characteristics in a short time without tests.

Social Media Management (“Live” Training)

Recently, the main task of the business was to properly package the product, and today, gaining long-term attention to a properly packaged product has become a challenge.                                                                                                                                                                  

Practical project management

Project management has become one of the most important business processes, which is a necessary condition for the successful operation of the organization. A changing environment forces organizations to adapt quickly to challenges, refine management systems in a timely manner, and implement innovations.

Coaching in management

The aim of the course is to develop the participants with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to effectively implement delegation, feedback, motivation. The training is based on staff development techniques and coaching methods in the modern business world, is interactive and includes practical exercises in addition to discussing theoretical issues.