Organizational Diagnostics

Discover the potential of staff and make the best out of their resources, improve job performance, create a highly efficient team.

Organizational diagnostics help the management team identify and eliminate systemic problems in the company. Our diagnostic method allows you to determine the exact source of the problem and develop a long-term problem-solving navigation system. This is an amazing opportunity to upgrade existing resources and use them more effectively in the future.

For example, if  your problems and unintended consequences are caused by:

  • Unfriendly management tool – we will help you to develop a new, individually tailored management tool for your team.
  • Inflexible or inappropriate organizational structure – we will establish a new and policy-adapted organization structure.
  • Incompatibility with staff jobs –  We will help you evaluate the existing staff and find suitable positions for them.
  • Wrongly selected motivational systems – we will examine the strongest motivators and based on this information we will introduce new systems.

Our goals are:

  • To promptly inform the management team about the causes of the problems.
  • To identify organization potential considering existing conditions.
  • To make predictions in terms of organizational development.

Stages of organizational diagnosis

  • In-depth interview with the company’s management team.
  • Identifying problems.
  • Examining the existing structure and management systems.
  • Submitting a map of defective parts of the company.
  • Developing problem-solving strategies and presenting an action plan.