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March 30


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The ultimate goal of every business is to achieve the desired result, and you will need good knowledge of people to manage the results.

The modern tool of human knowledge is psychological profiling;

Analytical method of observing behavior helps you:

  • In differentiation of human typology
  •  In the proper redistribution of job roles
  • Determining personality potential and strategic delegation
  • Creating personal motivators
  • Crisis and conflict prevention
  • Forming an effective team
  • Forming long-term and solid relationships
  • In other words, in a simpler way, knowledge that helps you to become an expert on people helps you to remove the daily pains of a manager.
  • Being a people expert means you can:
  • Formation of a highly functional team
  • Have a healthy and harmonious work climate
  • Reduction of outflow
  • Increase satisfaction
  • Finding a relatively painless way to implement change
  • Transforming employee behavior
  • Conflict resolution

The program is designed for the modern manager and all those people who often have to communicate actively, negotiate, manage people and results, for those who think it is time for individual approaches and can not develop these approaches without good knowledge of people. This knowledge is a necessary advantage and condition in our time to cause any change.

Training questions

  • Why do people do what they do? – Or what drives them and how to develop a unique motivator?
  • What kind of team wins? – or how to create a highly effective team by combining complementary skills
  • What does a profitable relationship mean? – That is, how to get the desired results in the relationship
  • How can I change people’s behavior? – That is, how to teach people a new role and help them identify with it
  • How to get people’s consent? – That is, how can we influence the human decision-making system
  • How to manage the development of the communication scenario to the desired result? – That is, how to achieve the desired goal in different situations

The training will use simulation games where provocations in management and so-called problems will be provoked, participants will be provided with different types of tools / techniques to effectively solve problem cases.

Module 1. Management

Trainer: Zura Mkheidze

  1. Management as a practical concept
  2. Managing emotions
  3. Communication strategy management
  4. Feedback management
  5. Feedback and strategic delegation
  6. Modeling potential behavior
  7. Persuasion Techniques
  8. Manage micro teams
  9. Develop an individual motivation system
  10. Effective communication tools and techniques in management
  11. Encourage team behavior and manage effective performance

Module 2. Profiling

Trainer: Mariam Kvaratskhelia-Zirakashvili

  1. Identify emotions
  2. Identify communication strategy
  3. Behavior observation and identification of potential behavior
  4. Identify the thinking model
  5. Assess the team and identify complementary skills
  6. Three-dimensional model of feedback reading
  • Body (gestures, posture, micro-expressions)
  • Lenguage (associative linguistics)
  • Behavior
  1. Forming a “typological team” tailored to the specifics of the task to be performed

Zura Mkheidze

Co-founder of the first behavioral neurotechnology laboratory in Georgia – Laboratory Z.

Expert in psychology with 30 years of work experience and 25 years of training and consulting experience.

Worked in various private quality and human resource management departments, Ministry of State Security and Analytical Department of Foreign Intelligence. Has conducted numerous studies and has undergone professional training at the Universities of Jena, Vilnius and Tartu.

Mariam Kvaratskhelia-Zirakashvili

Founder and CEO of the company Headvice; Psychologist; NLP Coach and Certified Profiler.

Co-founder of the first behavioral neurotechnology laboratory in Georgia – Laboratory Z.

Has been actively working on international and local consulting / training programs for 6+ years. He is currently a lecturer at Caucasus University and an international consultant in the field of human capital.

HR is Alea California, the official partner-consultant in the field of gamification in Georgia and advises companies and structures such as the German Economic Union, Caparol, McDonald’s, the Ministry of Economy of Georgia and others.

  • Training start day: March 30
  • Training completion date: May 18
  • Training days: Tuesday / Thursday
  • Total hours: 30 hours
  • Start time: 19:00
  • Completion time: 21:00
  • Training price: 950 GEL

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You can redistribute money for training before the end of the training.

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