Personal profiling

We all have individual systems of thought and action, all our actions help us or on the contrary push us back from our goals. All these actions have a certain motive and a hidden driving axis.

Personal profiling or the path for self-knowledge to self-creation.

What would your life be like tomorrow if you knew the shortest way to reach your desired goals? 

The path to your dream will be shorter if you start to recognize and get acquainted with your resources, skills, personal characteristics, and competencies.

The desire to know oneself and the question: "Who am I?" has followed man since ancient times here are some answers:

  • “I do not know”
  • “I am many”
  • “I am afraid to delve into this question, it will take me very far”
  • “Whoever I should be”
  • “I am”
  • “I am not what I want to be”

The question of self-creation sounds like this: “Who do you want to be?” We will help you find the shortest way to answer this question. The first half of the path is self-determination, the second is to create the desired personality.

Tools you will use while working:

  • Goal Navigator – “What do I want to achieve”? “Who do I want to be?”
  • Personal Resource Map – “What opportunities and resources do I have in order to achieve the goal?” Identify a combination of personal characteristics (create a personal portrait)
  • Mind Mapping – a goal modeling tool

Program details

  • The program provides 6 working hours. 
  • The program schedule is made up individually
  • The cost of the program in “online” mode: 400 GEL 
  • The cost of the program in the traditional mode: 630 GEL