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March 15


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Project management has become one of the most important business processes, which is a necessary condition for the successful operation of the organization. A changing environment forces organizations to adapt quickly to challenges, refine management systems in a timely manner, and implement innovations.

The training “Practical Project Management” is based on the methodology developed by the most authoritative organization in this field, the Project Management Institute (Project Management Institute), which aims to study the proven and practical principles, methods and basic techniques of project management in Georgia.

The purpose of the training:

Training participants will learn about project management as a separate discipline, the necessities and benefits of its use, the components of project management, and the approaches used to solve traditional problems. Attention will be paid to discussing real-world project situations, using specific tools specific to projects, and making decisions.

🔘 Project management cycle and characteristic processes;

🔘 Manage project deadlines and costs;

🔘 PERT methodology;

🔘 Project risk types, risk identification and classification;

🔘 Planning the human and material resources required for the project;

🔘 Project monitoring and control with the help of Microsoft Project;

🔘 Creating a project plan using network planning techniques;

🔘 Produce built-in reporting in MS Project.

Ilia Revia

18 years of experience in project management; Successfully implemented complex, multi-million budget business and IT projects in leading Georgian financial institutions (TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, Crystal).

Education: Joncheping  University (Sweden) Master in Information Technology and Business Update; George Washington University (USA) Business School Master in Project Management, one of the first certified project management professional (PMP) in Georgia.

Consulting and training activities started in 2011; Successfully conducted trainings and consulting activities in the field of project management for the following organizations: Free University, Bank of Georgia University, Ministry of Regions and Infrastructure Development, Ministry of Defense, Training Center of the Ministry of Justice, Academy of the Ministry of Finance, Delta, Creative Agency Leavingstone, Municipal Service Development Agency, House of Justice, Evex, Aldagi, Imedi-L, Pharmadepot, Socar, Caucasus University, PMCG, University of Business and Technology, Border Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, and others.

☑Starting date: March 15

☑Ending date: April 9

☑Training days: Monday/Friday

☑Total hours: 24 hours

☑Starting time: 19:00

☑Ending time: 21:00

☑Price: 1100 GEL

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📌The number of participants in the training is limited

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