Staff Evaluation by Profiling

Staff evaluation, using the Headvice authoring profiling method, involves each employee’s detailed analysis and identification of the psychological and behavioral portraits.

Why do you need staff evaluation?

If you are planning to promote an employee, prior knowledge of the following issues is very important:

  • Will they be able to effectively deal with the position’s basic challenges?
  • How long will it take for them to fully adapt to the position?
  • How will their behavior change with promotion?
  • How will their attitudes change towards other team members?
  • What can prevent an employee from adapting to this position and what kind of involvement must the management team show in this process?

If you are going to fire an employee but you are not completely sure of your decision.

If you plan to introduce modern, individual management and motivation systems

  • Profiling gives you information on individual motivators and demotivators.
  • Possess the employee’s individual “working language” – how to create the necessary conditions for work efficiency.

If you are working on an employee development plan you need to know:

  • What is the nearest zone of their development?
  • In what direction do they need to develop the most? 
  • Which skill reinforcements are needed and necessary?
  • What type of training program would be the most productive for them?