25 November



How much will your efficiency increase if you know you have a tool that will save you time and increase your ability to evaluate people correctly? This tool is called profiling and with the help of it you can determine the potential of people, their thinking system, personality type, work behavior and other important characteristics in a short time without tests.

The training gives you a set of tools to:

  • Analyze individual`s behavior and determine her/his next move
  • Identify a wide range of personality traits without the use of psychometric tests
  • Analyze the situation and understand subtext of behavior
  • Extract in-depth information about a person in a short amount of time
  • Manage all stages of selection efficiently

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Effective communication with candidates
  • Plan the selection process and execute it effectively in a limited time
  • Extract hidden information
  • Create a preliminary prototype of the candidate
  • Identify the candidate’s personality profile

The course is based on a practical teaching method, which means that participants will learn to identify a person through practice, through simulation games and demonstration techniques and use it in the candidate selection process. The training format includes coaching and role-playing techniques, with the result that the program is 90% focused on strengthening and developing skills.

Who is this training for:

  •  HR specialists
  •  Recruiters
  • Managers

Training participants will conduct simulation interviews with 10 potential candidates.

The training consists of three modules:

1) Modern methods of conducting interviews 

 2) Personality recognition technology – profiling

 3) Managing the selection process


1) Modern methods of conducting interviews:


  • Asking method
  • Three levels of reading and their interpretation
  • Selection of goal-oriented reading forms
  • Mixed Report Establishment Techniques
  • Empathic listening and information retrieval technology

2) Personality recognition technology – profiling:


  • Classical psychometric instruments and their algorithms – or how to identify specific psychological parameters without psychometric tests – Analytical system of MBTI, DISC, NLP meta programs and their algorithms
  • Linguistic analysis – language structure, barriers, emotional blocks, behavioral indicators, language structure, association chain, synthesis and congruence, manipulators, body language, gestures, tonal signals.
  • Three-dimensional psychological portrait – application of the evaluation algorithm in practice

3) Managing the selection process:

  • Preparatory cycle – process map
  • Job description
  • Creating a prototype
  • Development of prototype indicators
  • Calculate the coefficient of coincidence between the profile and the prototype
  • Submission and justification of the profile

Mariam Kvaratskhelia-Zirakashvili

Founder and CEO of Headvice; Co-founder of the first behavioral neurotechnology laboratory in Georgia – Laboratory Z; Invited Lecturer – Caucasus University; Assistant Professor – Eastern European University; Head of Social Psychology Practice – Georgian National University.

Mariam is an international consultant in the field of human capital management and development, as well as in the field of HR gamification, is the official partner, coach of Alea California in Georgia and advises companies and structures such as the German Economic Union, Caparol, McDonald’s, Ministry of Economy of Georgia, MSC CTE, GMP, PSP and other.

  • Training start day: November 25
  • Training completion date: December 23
  • Training days: Monday / Wednesday
  • Total hours: 27 hours
  • Start time: 19:00
  • Completion time: 22:00
  • Training price: 750 GEL

The training will be conducted online, using the “Zoom” application.

Bank of Georgia “Solo” customers will enjoy a 20% discount.

You can use the Bank of Georgia 0% installment payment for the training or redistribute the amount before the end of the training.

The number of participants in the training is limited and will be admitted on the basis of an interview.

Please read the terms and conditions before registering for the training