Staff Selection

We look for talents for companies and the starting point of our work is their basic needs and goals.

Our advantage

  • Wide access to candidates on a large scale
  • Fast search engine
  • Customer goals and needs In-depth study
  • Determine the competitiveness of the vacancy
  • Licensed Innovative Selection Method – Profiling
  • Action process fully tailored to the needs of the company
კადრების შერჩევა (რეკრუტინგი), პერსონალის შერჩევა

Our work process and stages

  1. Interviewing the customer, identifying the organization’s needs and goals.
  2. What should the frame prototype look like? – Together with the customer we create a detailed prototype of the future shot.
  3. Determining Job Competitiveness – This is a pre-recruitment analysis process and     involves analyzing a combination of several important variables – brand awareness, pay, position, schedule, additional benefits. The listed variables separately and together (their combination) determine the length and success of the selection process. The variables combination analysis is necessary for the company to be in advance informed what the chances are of attracting the required candidates with the available data, how much this flow can be, and so on. Preliminary analysis can be used to prevent the consequences that often lead to the re-entry or cancellation of a vacancy.
  4. We start the selection process – at all stages of the selection process we provide information to the customer in the desired mode and format.
  5. Completion of the selection process – we will present to the customer the three best candidates who are closest to the prototype we have created with data (skills, characteristics, experience, culture, behavior, etc.).

We are looking for:

  • Leaders
  • Senior managers
  • Mid-level managers
  • Specialists in various fields

By working with us you save time and resources because we are on your behalf:

  • Creating the text and design of the post to be published
  • Determining the competitiveness of the vacancy in advance
  • Resolving a large number of resumes
  • Planning an interview
  • Measuring candidates’ working behavior and characteristics