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January 25



Team management can be inspiring, exciting, and stressful at the same time. The modern lifestyle rhythm leaves leaders very little time to check how team members feel whether they have a proper environment to work productively and examine co-workers’ language.

We have linked important and key aspects of team management and provided you with practical tools on each topic.

Meeting 1

Topic Title: Work Behavior Analysis and the Role of Typology in Team Formation.

A successful team is driven by individuals and their resources, if these resources are satisfactory and sufficient the team easily achieves the result. To define resource sufficiency we need to know each personal resource and skills has each team member, as well as what their characteristics are and how it comes to match with the team’s other members. We will share one of the behavioral analysis techniques on the webinar, according to which you will be able to: Define and create an effective team prototype; Develop different combinations of resources needed for goals and objectives (e.g. what type of team needs to perform a particular task and how to redistribute forces to achieve more results).

Trainer: Mariam Kvaratskhelia-Zirakashvili

Meeting 2

Topic Title: Managing Psychological attitude in a Team.

In addition to properly selected individuals, it is vital for the the team to change it’s attitude, dynamics and balance. The team leader needs to possess specific psychological methods that detect and balance the internal interpersonal flows within the team. At the webinar you will learn about what psychological techniques can be used to manage and motivate attitudes.

Trainer: Zurab Mkheidze


Meeting 3

Topic Name: Team Leadership.

We all agree that a team needs a leader, however what type he/she should be and how leaders development level  can affect the whole team, we will discuss on the webinar.

We will tell you what steps the leader goes through and at what place is his team during this process.

Trainer: Katie Zhvania-Tyson


Meeting 4

Topic title: Coaching in a team.


Now let’s focus on the part of team management where the leader tries to set goals with the team, or reinforce an established icon of values, mission, and vision. How do you achieve this effectively? We will share coaching methodology to perform similar processes in the team – instead of many theories, we will come up with one tool that you can immediately apply in practice.

 Trainer: Rusudan Kvachantiradze

Mariam Kvaratskhelia-Zirakashvili

Co-founder of Headvice, co-founder of First Behavior Analysis and Neurotechnology Laboratory in Georgia, International OD Consultant, and Profiler. Assists local and international companies in diagnosing and developing staff.


Zura Mkheidze

Social psychology expert and consultant, co-founder of the first Behavior Analysis and Neurotechnology Laboratory in Georgia. He researches intra-organizational relationships in various companies and consults about the psychological components of management.


Katie Zhvania-Tyson

Katie has been working for over 20 years on personal development, leadership, emotional intelligence, team building, and effective communication.


 Rusudan Kvachantiradze

Rusudan Kvachantiradze is an ICC certified PCC coach, she has experience working with local, international, and foreign companies. Rusudan’s specialty is staff and organization development. Assists leaders with personal sessions to improve their own and team results.

☑ Training Dates: January 25, 26, 27, 28

☑Total hours: 8 hours

☑Start time: 19:00

☑End time: 21:00

☑Price: 150 GEL

The training will be conducted online using “Zoom” application.

Please read the terms and conditions before registering for the training